Website Updates

The code for this website has been running without any major updates since 2009. Back then, I wrote it as a Python 2 program using FastCGI, served originally by lighttpd and more recently by Caddy.

I recently overhauled the code to run as a static site generator. This makes it easier to run locally, feels better from a security perspective, and actually simplifies the code in a few ways:

One thing I gave up in switching to a static site generator was the page trail. Before, the history of where you've been on this site was tracked with a session cookie and displayed just under the title bar. I somehow felt that was an important feature in the early 2000s, but that sort of navigation is better suited to browser history today.

On a related note, I used to host the code for this website with a local cgit instance. I've turned that off and moved the code to a GitHub repo instead. If you're curious, you can look through the history of that repo to see what's changed.