Cgit Hacking

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Last week I hacked a couple new features into cgit, a web interface for Git, since it's the one I [previously used] on I added https:// URLs for the Atom feed and also syntax highlighting when viewing files.

HTTPS URLs for Cgit's Atom feed

Cgit generates Atom feeds so that you can keep track of changes from your feed reader. Unfortunately, that requires a full URL, which it assumed started with http://. This obviously didn't work for https://-only installations.

I modified cgit to check the HTTPS CGI variable. If it's set to on, cgit now generates full URLs starting with https://. While this isn't part of the official CGI spec, most servers will set it, including Apache and lighttpd.

Lars Hjemli, the maintainer of cgit, merged in my change, so it should be part of a future cgit release:

This looks good. I've merged it into my wip-branch [...] where I'll let it cook for a little while before merging to my master.

Syntax Highlighting for Cgit

Cgit is useful for browsing around a project's history, but it didn't do syntax highlighting for source code. This made it unpleasant to use for reading complete files (as opposed to diffs).

I modified cgit to make use of the highlight program, when available, to color source code. If highlight is unavailable or fails, cgit falls back to the old black-and-white view.

While the patch is small and self-contained, it's specific to highlight and just tacked on in the source code. Lars didn't take this one:

I like the result, but I think the implementation has to be more generic. And I'm currently about to add support for a few plugins/hooks to cgit which I think can be used to achieve the same result so lets see how that works out first, ok?

I'll be working with Lars on getting a cleaner solution merged into his tree once he's added support for plugins.