AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-05-13Fix rss.xml route after allowing dots in slugsHEADmasterDiego Ongaro
2015-04-29Allow . in blog tags and slugsDiego Ongaro
2015-01-19Strip <wbr> from RSS titlesDiego Ongaro
2015-01-18Enable 'Continue reading' links for blog postsDiego Ongaro
2014-12-11Add markdown support for RSS feed tooDiego Ongaro
2014-12-11Add markdown support for blog articlesDiego Ongaro
2009-08-17Uses full URLs for the RSS feedDiego Ongaro
2009-08-16Adds tag filter URL for RSSDiego Ongaro
2009-08-16Allows /blog/+tag/ URLsDiego Ongaro
2009-08-16Passes blog tags from index to templatesDiego Ongaro
2009-08-16Sets charset of RSS to utf-8Diego Ongaro
2009-08-16Disables unicode in Mako templates for nowDiego Ongaro
2009-05-28Skips unavailable blog articles on indexDiego Ongaro
2009-05-23Moves some session config to config.iniDiego Ongaro
2009-05-14Removes config.ini from the repo (site-dependent)Diego Ongaro
2009-05-14Passes base controller args to static blurbsDiego Ongaro
2009-05-14Uses URL_PREFIX in find_controllerDiego Ongaro
2009-05-13Modifies blog index to use index tpl instead of concatenating index_oneDiego Ongaro
2009-05-13Blog index should display full article textDiego Ongaro
2009-05-12App now returns iterable, not string, by WSGI specDiego Ongaro
2009-05-10Sends 404 on bad CONTENT_BLURB to static controllerDiego Ongaro
2009-05-10Pushes static page definitions to varDiego Ongaro
2009-05-10Updates page trail before sending HTTP headersDiego Ongaro
2009-05-10adds movie logDiego Ongaro
2009-05-10Adds LICENSE file, references it from READMEDiego Ongaro
2009-05-10README: more info on dependenciesDiego Ongaro
2009-05-10Adds license to python files (Simplified BSD license)Diego Ongaro
2009-05-10Adds Misc pageDiego Ongaro
2009-05-10Makes trailing slashes in URLs optionalDiego Ongaro
2009-05-10Adds page trailDiego Ongaro
2009-05-10Fixes PAGE_TITLE on /diego/Diego Ongaro
2009-05-10Adds sessions with beakerDiego Ongaro
2009-05-10Moves base controller config to INI fileDiego Ongaro
2009-05-10Updates err404 to use 404 blurbDiego Ongaro
2009-05-10Splits into separate controllersDiego Ongaro
2009-05-10Changes www_app to import blog controller lazilyDiego Ongaro
2009-05-10Moves blog code to new blog.pyDiego Ongaro
2009-05-10Moves templating code into new template.pyDiego Ongaro
2009-05-10Adds err404 and ok200 within start_responseDiego Ongaro
2009-05-10Adds Google Analytics account numberDiego Ongaro
2009-05-08Adds READMEDiego Ongaro
2009-05-08Adds RSS feedDiego Ongaro
2009-05-08blog: 404 on missing INI section or blurbDiego Ongaro
2009-05-07blog: set thumb as bool, not pathDiego Ongaro
2009-05-07switch to mako templating engineDiego Ongaro
2009-05-07adds blog pagesDiego Ongaro
2009-05-07changes home and diego pages to static controllerDiego Ongaro
2009-05-07refactoringDiego Ongaro
2009-05-07keeps controller_args separate from environDiego Ongaro
2009-05-07steals 404 from lighttpdDiego Ongaro