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masterMerge commit 'sid/master'Diego Ongaro11 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2009-07-27Merge commit 'sid/master'HEADmasterDiego Ongaro
2009-07-27move over logical lines with arrowsDiego Ongaro
2009-06-26Vala syntaxDiego Ongaro
2009-05-28Adds tab optionsDiego Ongaro
2009-05-28more spelling wordsDiego Ongaro
2009-05-28Remove duplicate set numberDiego Ongaro
2009-05-10maps F5 to save and makeDiego Ongaro
2009-05-10vmap for j and k over wrapped linesDiego Ongaro
2009-05-10more spelling wordsDiego Ongaro
2009-01-02adds spell-checking to *.txtDiego Ongaro